HD 720P Alarm Clock Spy Camera Instruction Manual

Step 1: Check the power
At first, please make mure that the camera has the power, if not, please charge the battery of the camera first. To charge the battery, first open the back cover, and remove the plastic protective battery tab. (This tab is included to protect the battery during shipment). Then  connent the camera to your computer or any others AC adaptor via the USB cable.
Tips: the battery can be replaced, the model if “18650”, you can get one from your local store or form ebay, amazon.
Step 2: Insert a Micro sd card
Step 3: Flip the power switch into the ON position
Step 4: Remove the plastic protective battery tab of the remote control, if there is one.


Now the camera is on ready.


Power on
Press the red power button on the remote control, the solid blue LED light turns on, the camera is on ready.


Recording Video
Press the continuous recording button, the LED light will blink three times and turn off, it means the machine is under recording video now, press the button again to stop recording and the LED lights will turn on again.


Separate Sound Recording
Press the the sound recording button to start recording and the LED lights will blink two times, press the button again to stop recording, and the light will go on.


Taking Photo
Press the the photo capture one time, the blue light blink one time, it means one image has been taked and saved.


Power Off
Long press the red power switch button to turn off the machine.