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  • Top 8 Best Spy Hidden Camera In The World

    We have doing the spy gadgets more than 5 years, according to our deal records and customers’ feedback, we sort out a top 8 best spy hidden camera list, wish it’s helpful for the people who want to buy a spy gadget. 1. Best Spy Pen Camera First, this spy pen has a very good quality and […]

  • Cheap Small Video Cameras For Spying

    The security and the safety of your property should be something of your primary concern. For every situation that you cannot have hands on control, you need to have your eyes on to offer the necessary security and safety. Guess what, it not as difficult as you may thing. All you need is a camera […]

  • Alarm Clock Spy Camera

    Why and How To Buy an Alarm Clock Spy Camera?   No matter how safe you think your home is, there is always the risk of dangers like burglars, nannies and servants violating the security of your home. The best thing you can do to track the activities of these people and combat similar unwelcome intrusions […]

  • HD 720P Alarm Clock Spy Camera Instruction Manual

    Step 1: Check the power At first, please make mure that the camera has the power, if not, please charge the battery of the camera first. To charge the battery, first open the back cover, and remove the plastic protective battery tab. (This tab is included to protect the battery during shipment). Then  connent the […]